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    have html, now what to put swf onto website?


      UBER Newbie, so please bear with me...thanks.

      (Referencing website  www.ctfalliance.org)

      I needed to change a footer, which is a flash file.  current one reads:  Contact Us   (and)  Sitemap.  Needed to change Sitemap to Members Section.

      Found the fla and made the changes.  The preview looks like it's pretty much the same as before, having replaced Sitemap with Members Section (lost some color during mouse hover, but can live with that) and so I hit Publlish.


      Now I have the html file, which opens in Dreamweaver, but I don't know what to do next to replace the current footer.swf with the revised one.

      I don't know what to do with this html file.  I haven't seen it in the site's files before, i.e., footer.html so not sure if I should "put" it on the site or not.

      Or do I just "put" the revised footer.swf onto the site now?


      BTW, I believe I also need to change the URL reference from the sitemap to the members section, which currently reads as:



      so.addVariable("sitemapURL", "sitemap.htm");

      So I think I should change it to read:

      so.addVariable("membersURL", "members.ctfalliance.org"); which i'm hoping will take the user to our secure page for members only when they hit the "Members Section" on the footer.


      Can someone tell me what to do next, please?  (the guy i've had to help me before isn't available; he's the one that built it originally and has been helpful but he must be busy and didn't offer to make the revisions for me...ARGH).