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    Converting Air Project to Web Project in Flash Builder 4

    IndieMusicScene Level 1

      I have an Air project that I need to convert to a web project to post online.  I've looked online with no luck so far, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.


      The closest thing I see to being what I want is if I go to Properties > Run/Debug Settings.  In there I tried going to New > Web Application but when I browse for Project it comes up empty, and so is the "Application file" dropdown.  I tried screwing around int he Source tab in the same window but it doesn't seem to help much.


      Other things that look close to what I want but don't work are when I right click my project, there's a "Add/Change project type" but all options are greyed out and I don't see anything web related in the options anyway.


      Also there's Properties > Targeted Runtimes, but there's nothing there I can do.


      Then in Properties > Flex Compiler I have "Generate accessible SWF file" checked.  But when I try to use that file it won't work in the browser flash player.


      So... is there an easy way to convert an Air project to a Web project?