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    Changing the tab's location on each view


      Within my application I would like to have three clickable links at the bottom of my screen: NOw I can use the tab application method, using the following code etc:


       <s:ViewNavigator label="Home" width="100%" height="100%" 
          <s:ViewNavigator label="Details" width="100%" height="100%" 
          <s:ViewNavigator label="Settings" width="100%" height="100%" 



      But my problem is that the tabs on the left and right will be labled next / previous and the middle one menu, know the middle one will always opent eh same view, where as the next and previous will always open a different view depending which view they are currentl on, but with the tabbed appliaction as far as I know has static views basically they all will open the same view no matter which view ou are on so does not work for me.


      Is there away to overwrite the basic view these are calling in the firstview setion so that I can set the left and rights view to a different one on each view page?


      As at the moment I have created three boxes, equally spaced and with a label and a click handler that mimics the bottom tabs so enabeling me to perform what I require, but if there is away to manipulate the tabs click event then I would like to use this as its cleaner etc I think, any ideas (if this makes sense) or stick to what I am doing?


      Thanks Si