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    Polygon w radius corners, aka 6 cornered rectangle with radii?


      Hi Folks,


      CS5/Win is the platform.


      I have a "calendar" design that must have groups of days outlined (generally considered a "rectangle with rounded corners"), however due to the calendar sometimes the days being "outlined" are on separate rows. Picture regular corners in the upper left and upper right corner, but the row of the "bottom left" and "bottom right" are not the same. Generally the "bottom left" is one row lower than the "bottom right". Imagine the lower row looking like a "stair step" with one step.


      The problem seems to be that when drawing a "rectangle" with more than 4 corners, some type of "radius management" is occurring, and one corner's radius gets changed (reduced) so that the radii are inconsistent in the object.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Any workarounds? FWIW, the available distance between the two corners (one of which is affected) does have adequate distance to create the expected radius...


      Help, anybody?