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    Reader X 100% CPU Win XP SP3 Problem


      I have downloaded and installed Reader 10.1.0 from the Adobe website to my laptop.  Every time I launch Reader, CPU spikes to 100% and the machine freezes.  I have to use task manager to close Reader and end the CPU load.  Doesn't matter if I launch the program separately or if I try to acess a web document that uses Reader to open.  Same result.   I tried going down to Reader 9 and 8....same problem.  I can use Reader 5.1 without problem.


      Dell 1.6ghz duo core / 1gb RAM / Win XP SP3


      A web search indicates this is an ongoing problem.  What are the most up to date solutions ?   Pulling my hair out here !


      Thanks !

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          Lloyd Walters

          Sorry, but this is not a solution, merely somebody else with a similar problem.


          Environment : No-name desktop PC running Win XP SP3 with Reader X used both within Firefox and stand alone.


          After viewing PDF files either within Firefox or stand alone, my WIndows Task Manager shows that AcroRd32.exe is still running. This doesn't cause any problems when the process is created within Firefox, but if the PDF file was local and had been viewed via a  stand-alone instance of Reader X, the orphaned AcroRd32.exe soaks up all the CPU time. I then have to end it's process tree to regain use of my computer.


          This is a very serious problem, so I'm puzzled as to why no-one before me has commented on the first post, which was made a month ago.

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            From reading the initial post from Jul 14, this Adobe Acrobat reader problem has been ongoing for many years and many releases.  I noticed the AcroRd32.exe taking up all available CPU ( 100% ) on my uniprocessor machine.  Using the Task Manager to reset it's priority to LOW helped but only terminiting it relieved my CPU load. 


            Why would Adobe not fix this problem?  When you search the web with Google, AcroRd32.exe was referred to as a virus in some cases and safe in others.  My AcroRd32.exe is a recent version of Adobe Reader X and has a valid digital certificate signed be Verisign.


            So, again, why has Adobe not fixed this problem?


            Perplexed and annoyed.