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    Can't save pdf downloaded from website

    axoneme Level 1

      Windows Vista, Adobe Reader 10, Firefox 5


      I'm downloading pdfs from a university library. Some pdfs open in a new tab and you can only see the text of the pdf. These I just select the "save" icon that hovers over the pdf and I can save them no problem. Others download as a new tab with part of the Abode X toolbar up top. When I click on the "save" icon in the toolbar, it changes color but nothing happens. When I hit Ctrl+Shift+S I get an error message that says "bad parameter" and the first time I got a longer message that said I needed a different type of Adobe Software to read them. These are scientific journal websites and the pdfs are meant to be saved by Adobe Reader, there just must be something wrong with my settings.


      One of the pfds said it was a pdf/a format and was being opened as "read only" I went into preferences and said "never" open files as pdf/a and that didn't help.


      I've gotten such great help on this forum before, thanks in advance for colving my problem!

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          are you opening the pdfs with a link on a website? would it be possible before the opening of

          the document in a new tab to use the right mouse key and choose "save target as..."?


          another possibility would be if you deactivate your reader preferences - internet - open pdf in browser. then normally the whole reader should open, when you open the document, in some cases it asks before opening, if you'd like to save it...


          regards, joerg