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    Captivate 3 - Error messages don't display

    Rumbalara Level 1

      My slides have click boxes with errors attached. Error options are set to Pause for Failure caption.

      Click box is postioned on the TOP of the timeline, and should be active, with a caption too, once the voiceover finishes.

      Caption and click box displays but when I intentionally click elsewhere the error will not display.

      Blue buttons in the RHS panel execute javascript but have no pause and no options defined for them except display for rest of slide.

      error won't display.gifclick box properties.gif

      Appreciate any suggestions thanks.


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          Rumbalara Level 1

          No answers here and I am wondering why. I have read past discussions about "Failure captions not displaying" and have noted all

          the suggestions but still have not been able to get them working.

          Click box is the uppermost (top) item in the timeline...and they are positioned after the slide voiceover so I would have thought there was sufficient time for them to become active.

          Getting a little desperate about how to fix this.

          Happy to try anything.