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    Wesley Blokker



      For a customer of ours I've made an carousel showing his products.


      Now the image in foreground, the labeler, gives us some issues.

      The carousel rotates around the nul object in the middle.

      When the labeler reaches the background it starts to flicker.

      Now I know that this is due to the many lines in there and we already removed quite a few.

      Our customer didn't want us to remove more.


      Do you guys have a solution for this flickering?

      The image is an vectorbased Illustrator file.


      I am a noob in AE, by the way.


      Thanks in advance.

      Screenshot_ 2011-07-15 om 10.21.31.png

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Put a vertical fast blur of one pixel on the layer.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            This page has some additional information, and it gives the same advice that Szalam gave:

            "Best practices for creating text and vector graphics for video"

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There's a basic problem with the design. If the output device is interlaced (i mean a TV) then you can't have thin parallel lines. I'd suggest fattening up the lines and reducing the number. Even with progressive displays (computer monitors or true progressive capable flat screen displays) you'll have a serious problem with moving thin vertical lines.

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                Wesley Blokker Level 1

                The fast blur didn't help.


                Also, I can't change the object. It's the wish of the manufacturer that it stays the same...


                I know what interlacing does however, this is a progressive movie.




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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Please give us a link to a rendered movie that shows the problem. As long as there is moving fine detail in the shot you're going to get the flickering artifacts. You have two choices. Hide them with blur or change the design. It's just the way it works. It even works like that when you shoot and project motion picture film.

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                    Wesley Blokker Level 1

                    Hey Rick,


                    You can find the video here; http://vimeo.com/26467872


                    As the customer is not yet satiesfied with the end result the video isn't made public yet.


                    I've send you a password as a PM. I expect you treat this confidential.


                    Thanks in advance. My carousel is at 0:30 seconds.

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I took a look. The blur style doesn't match the other shots at all so the shot needs fixing. It kind of looks like you used the camera depth of field but I don't care for your settings. There's way too much blur so the look of this shot is completely different from the rest of the footage.


                      I'd try jacking up the camera shutter angle in the Composition Settings>Advanced tab to bring in some more motion blur. As long as you keep all of those thin parallel vertical lines you're going to have some flicker as they move.

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                        Wesley Blokker Level 1

                        Ehm, thanks for your critisim I suppose?


                        The way the shot looks in the film and the choices we made where never really the issue as the customer was satisfied and so were we.


                        I think the shot became more out-of-style when I added motion blur and removed some depth of field, however.


                        But thanks for all the help, I'm just going to try to convince the customer to agree on removing some  -> horizontal  <- lines.

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          horizontal.... right..


                          only had about an hours sleep last night.


                          I've spent many days trying to convince clients of a solution but have discovered that the best way is usually to just present them with options. It it were my client I'd probably just make a version with edited artwork and then show them the two versions. Just taking a screenshot of your first image and then animating it's position slowly up the screen makes the image flicker. It even flickers when I move my browser window up and down.


                          I hope you're successful in pleasing your client. Nice body of work on Vimeo by the way.

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                            Wesley Blokker Level 1

                            Alright, customer was convincend indeed. Thanks mate.


                            Thanks for the compliment of Vimeo and your help.