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    Flex Mobile Development...


      I have started to work on mobile development using Flex 4.5 recently.


      But basically I need some clarifications on Flex 4.5 mobile development.


      1. What kind of mobile development can we do in Flex 4.5 SKD ?

      2. What kind of mobile apps can we build using Flex 4.5 SDK ? (I mean just basic apps or some complex apps like requesting servers and displaying some charts and graphs, playing videos and image gallery on the devices etc...)

      3. What is the difference in developing mobile apps using Flex 4.5 SDK and Platform based SDK's (like Android SDK for android or iOS SDK for apple or Blackberry SDK for balckberry) ?


      These are the basic questions I have right now...


      Can somebody answer these questions ?

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          blazejewicz Level 4


          I think you just simply need to spent some time reading devnet relevant sections, like:


          where there are plenty resources on subject(s) you've mentioned.

          Just quick note: you would use Adobe AIR SDK (and its ADT: Air Developer Tool) wired to IDE's like Flash CS5.5 and/or Flash Builder 4.5.1 to author content that could be run on Android OS/iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS. (Android SDK/iOS SDK are platofrms native development kits - while BlackBerry Tablet OS adds native features into Adobe Air packed together and run on BB tablet via Air runtime). After some reading you would see that is quite simple.


          kind regards,


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            Francisc Level 3

            Peter's right, I'll just add this:


            1. Any kind.

            2. Basic & complex (all you mentioned and more)

            3. You need to know 3 different languages and programming environments (etc), while Flex allows you to just know one and focus on creation. Disadvantage would be that if you want something, Flex has to offer it. You want NFC? Flex can't help you YET for example. Being a third party tool, you are dependent, but Adobe seems to be very focused on making Flex very strong.

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              gitafanatic Level 1

              m*a*s*h* - you seem to be a very knowledgable and educated gentleman - do you know by any chance if  we can write a video app for ios using FB4.5 yet? I am using the actionscript  netStream/video classes and a uicContainer etc.


              I am not sure if I am unsuccessful because it is impossible, or because I am doing someting wrong - and I can't see the answer anywhere yet.


              Information much appreciated,



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                Francisc Level 3



                Knowledgeable? Educated? Gentleman? Well, you must know me very well. Haha.


                I am not sure. I remember reading something about problems with streaming to iPhone to do with App Store permissions, but it's only a vague memory.

                In theory you *should* be able to do this just like you would on the desktop, but I don't have enough experience with this to give you a clear and informed answer.


                I'm sure that others here do and will soon provide a much better one.

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                  gitafanatic Level 1

                  Thanks for the reply, m*a*s*h - Just found out - I was streaming H.264, and you can only stream a VP.6 stream to a flash iPhone app - something to do with licensing, I think. To stream H.264 I seemingly need to use StageWebView.

                  So the video solution on iPhone apps can be a bit messy.


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                    Francisc Level 3

                    Ah, yes, that's what I had read. The codec.

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                      Rangora Level 3

                      To give you an example, in 60 days, alone, I made an app that you would qualify as complex. The app connect to a server, dinamically render forms and collect user's answers, allow the user to take photos and draw over them, display a map with your position and render PDF.


                      The app works on iOS, android, Playbook, windows and mac.


                      We met an enterprise specialised in mobile development of this kind of app and asked for the same thing. They would have to redo the work on each platform. They just... can't be competitive against AIR.


                      If you don't need the natives API (access to the music API, the light sensor and that kind of thing), AIR is a very powerful thing and the next release shoud allow you to add native parts of code in your app to access those API.

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                        Francisc Level 3

                        I think the AIR team is continuously adding support for new sensors and APIs. You can use Native Extensions to use bits of native code for example.