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    Reverse engineering and drop-down hotspot


      I am currently facing a problem in reverse engineering. I am using RoboHelp 8. I have a huge collection of CHM files created using an older version of RoboHelp where source files are missing. I reverse engineered using HTML Help Studio and HHP builder. When I opened decompiled HTML files containing drop-down hotspot entry, I observed that they are working exactly in the reverse order than expected. A page containing drop-down hot spot entry displays the content with drop-down entries expanded by default and is collapsed when clicked the link meant to expand/collapse the content.


      The CHM files are huge in number with each CHM containing multiple files with drop-down hotspot. Even if I try to fix them manually, the content is not displayed in RoboHelp editor window (though in output the content is displayed), hence cant edit it using RoboHelp HTML. Kindly suggest me a solution to fix this problem.