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    Problem with Flex SDK 3.6 while it does not work = Too Slow writing

    Jens Eckervogt Level 1

      Hello dear Adobe Developers,


      i have been tried after updated version of Flash Builder 4.5.0 to Flash Builder 4.5.1. If i am using old Flex SDK in Flash Builder 4.5.1 Because it is smiler than new Flex SDK 4.5.1.


      Why does Flex SDK 3.6 not work on Flash Builder 4.5.1? If i write code but it is very slow becasue it shows to popup menu from installed extension by Flex 3.6.




      I write in the process: <mx:WindowdApplication ...applicationComplete="init()"> ...  </mx:WindowedApplication>


      But popup menu stopped by working process. It does not happen by old version of Flash Builder 4.5.0 New update has an isuss

      Please fix Flash Builder 4.5.1 I have been tried updated version. I have been uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Builder 4.5.1 It does not work..


      Thanks for bug report! I will send your Bug Report https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-32172


      Best regards, Jens