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    Using Collaboration Builder SDK for multi-user quiz



      We are currently using some simple AS2 templates with adobe connect pro to add some interactivity to our elearning courses.

      We are hoping to take this a step further using SDK to give a live report to the meeting host.

      A current AS2 template that we use looks like this:

      The .swf contains 4 buttons, only 1 of which is the correct answer.
      Currently, the participant will click the correct button in their individual instance and reveal a message informing them that they are correct and may move on to the next question.

      It would be a greater learning experience if once all of the participants had answered, everyone in the meeting could see a break-down of what answers people gave.

      77% selected answer A
      10% selected answer B

      This could then be analysed and discussed with the trainer.

      I know this is not disimilar to the poll function built into connect but we need the answers to be images rather than text.

      Therefore, the question is really around the coding that would be used to implement such a system and whether anyone has any suggestions as to what code we could use.

      We are not professional flash developers, rather trainers that have begun to dabble in self-taught flash and can use the SDK on a very basic level for synchronising text input fields and pod re-sizing etc.

      So yeah, any help would be amazing!