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    Bsod when printing on adobe




      I get a bsod when I trying to print an A1 page on adobe reader 9(HP DesignJet 500), I’m using Windows 7 Pro.64 bit, 4 GIGs RAM, 3.00 GHz core2duo. Recently I was using Adobe x but removed it coz I suspected it was the one causing the problem and I installed Adobe reader9 but the same thing happens. It’s strange coz when I print to the Xerox printer I get no bsod but the only problem I need my prints in A1 and the Xerox printer can’t take A1. I also don’t get bsod when I’m printing from Solid Edge (A1-HP DesignJet 500)


      Basically the problem occurs when printing a PDF file to the HP DesignJet 500 only.