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    Player based on OSMF does not play all fragments in HTTP Dynamic Streaming

    Szymon TL2

      I have a problem with Adobe Http Dynamic Streaming. From unknown  reason player based on OSMF does not start display movies from first  fragment.



      Firebug displays:




      Lack of Frag1 and Frag2



      We can notice switching bitrate (it is amazing), but why is it started from Frag3 and makes video shorter???



      My manifest file looks like:


      <manifest xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/f4m/1.0">
      <id> v3000-H264_400kbit_64kbit_512x288_mp4-STD </id>
      <streamType> recorded </streamType>
      <duration> 88.368333333333339 </duration>
      <bootstrapInfo id="bootstrap8691" profile="named"> …(cut)… </bootstrapInfo>
      <media streamId="v3000-H264_400kbit_64kbit_512x288_mp4-STD"
      url="v3000-H264_400kbit_64kbit_512x288_mp4-STD" bitrate="400"
      <metadata> …(cut)… </metadata>
      <bootstrapInfo id="bootstrap4344" profile="named"> …(cut)…</bootstrapInfo>
      <media streamId="v3000-H264_800kbit_96kbit_768x432_mp4-STD"
      url="v3000-H264_800kbit_96kbit_768x432_mp4-STD" bitrate="800"
      <metadata>…(cut)… </metadata>
      <bootstrapInfo id="bootstrap3506" profile="named"> …(cut)… </bootstrapInfo>
      <media streamId="v3000-H264_1400kbit_128kbit_1024x576_mp4-STD"
      url="v3000-H264_1400kbit_128kbit_1024x576_mp4-STD" bitrate="1400"
      <metadata>…(cut)… </metadata>

      Video duration reported in manifest file is proper - 88s, but movie  displayed in player has only 79s (probably lost fragments contain rest  9s). Also original files are 88s length before put them into f4fpackage  tool.



      What could be wrong?



      I am using:


      FlashPlayer: 10.1
      FLEX SDK
      : 4.1
      Flash Media Server 4
      : 1.5