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    'Sorry.  Select fewer files' error - how to workaround?

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I'm making an app that loads selected files from a folder, and then parses the filenames.


      It needs to work for 1000's of files at a time.  Problem is, I get a 'Sorry. Select fewer files' error.


      I was wondering if there is a way to tell Air to load all the files in a particular directory, rather than selecting files.  If not, is there a workaround for the above error?


      My code for loading the files so far is:


      var filesFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Allowed file types", "*.mp3");


      function browseMedia (e:MouseEvent):void {
          newMediaFile.addEventListener(FileListEvent.SELECT_MULTIPLE, filesSelected);
          newMediaFile.browseForOpenMultiple("Select your file/files", [filesFilter]);



      Thanks for your help.