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    Flash - AIR to IOS, publishing for device testing errors

    kevin woods

      Hi all,


      I'll cut to the chase, I'm getting the attached errors when publishing my first air to ios iphone app.


      I've followed everything certificate, profile and app ID related to a T. I'm using a trail version of flash cs5.5. I've updated the AIR2.6 folder included in the trial with 2.7. Updated Java to the latest version today. Running OSX 10.6.8 on an Intel mac pro.


      Looks to me something software related, but that doesn't make sense as I only downloaded the trial yesterday so presumed (perhaps foolishly) that all bugs relating to this issue would be ironed out in this trial.


      Anyway, if someone could suggest anything I could try I'd appreciate it. I've exhausted all my ideas for getting this working.