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    Will smart filters scale with image size?


      I've created artwork at a very large size for a banner. It involves several effects and smart filters. I'd like to simply create a smaller version of the file to work with for other projects since opening the original size artwork is very taxing and time-consuming. I don't want to flatten the artwork because I may need to rearrange the elements for the specific project. When I size down using Image Size, with Scale Styles checked, the smart filters still don't scale with the rest of the file. For example, a Gaussian Blur will blur farther in the smaller file than in the larger file.


      Are my only answers 1.) to encase each smart object that has a smart filter inside another smart object in order protect it during the resize, or 2.) to manually readjust the smart filter on each layer to correspond to the new size? I'm hoping for a smarter way (ha).