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    Mask cutt off

    Gir man

      We are Rotoscoping in SC3, After Effects.  Right in the middle of the video, the mask is cutting off, almost like the solid was moved.  The white solid we made is the same size of the video too, so this is very confusing.  Any suggestions?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Some oopsies come to mind: accidentally turning on alpha add for a layer beneath the solid, accidentally assigning the layer above as a track matte or accidentally creating an unwanted mask on the solid.

          It doesn't sound like you're animating the solid's position or anchor point as you rotoscipe, which could definitely do what you describe.

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            Gir man Level 1

            Well, we just ended up changing the solid size, and change the position of our mask to line up with our object.  And that seemed to work fine...  So far.  Thank you for replying.