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    CS5 not opening CS5 project!!

    TheGrandNabib Level 1

      I am having this same problem in a FULL install of CS5. I am on a Mac, using all MOV footage encoded with CineForm NeoScene (and yes, I have the most recent versions of the codecs installed for everything). I have one sequence that is dynamic linked from After Effects, and it has given me no trouble so far. The project was started in CS5 about a week ago, and I have worked on it several times since. I have closed, opened, edited and exported it without trouble. Until today.

      Now I am getting the dreaded "This project contained a sequece that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type" error. Never mind how unnerving it is that the error uses the past-tense, making it sound like all hope is lost.


      I similarly get returned to the "Welcome" pane offering me new or recent projects to open (I should probably disable that), and the project I am trying to open never comes up. It won't open at all, so I can't check the sequence settings to see what's going on. As I mentioned, it all opened and worked fine two days ago, and as far as I know nothing has changed in my system since then.


      This is a big problem, since I need to make edits to this project, and I am hoping not to have to start it again from the ground up.


      Does my lack of ability to open the project at all indicate a bigger problem? Could it have something to do with Dynamic Link (it doesn't matter if I have that lnked file open in AE, I still can't open the Premiere project). I have restarted and tried opening it fresh, no luck.


      Can anyone give me some quick guidance with this? Thank you!