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    Need some help :)?


      Hi Guys,


      I am new to creating forms. I am trying to make my business more electronic and professional by getting my mechanics to use pdf forms to complete service sheets (we are in the truck repair business).


      I have attached the sheet that I am trying to convert to a form. Where I need some help, is I have a drop down list with all my mechanics names (the list is viewable on screen only, not print). Names are format of First and Last. Prior to completing the checklist of items, the mechanic needs to fill out the top of the form.


      You can see that I have made a checkbox, drop down, and "read only" beside "Instruments and Gadgets". How I would like this to function, is the mechanic will check the checkbox is the item is "okay". Following him clicking the checkbox, I would like the "read only" textbox to populate his initials under "I.D". For instance, if Chris Antolick was selected as the mechanic in the big drop down box, and Chris checks off "Instruments and Gadgets", I would like CA to populate the read only box on that line. I would also like that same box to populate with his initials if he makes a selection from the dropdown list beside the checkbox instead of the checkbox (for instance, if he selects "X - Needs Repair", then his initials will populate the read only box).


      I would also like to have the mechanics initials immediately show up at the bottom of page 2 in the read only box that sits on the "Initials" line as soon as the mechanic is selected from the drop down box on the top of page 1.


      I understand this is probably some tricky coding, but if anyone could help me out on this one that would be very, very much appreciated.


      I don't know how to attach the form for you to see but I will try and figure it out in a few mins


      Thank you!!