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    Indesign CS5.5 file/CS5 software IDML


      Is exporting a file in CS5.5 to IDML format the only way to open it in CS5?


      I did do a test export to IDML on the CS5.5 machine and CS5 opened it with no problems. Guides, custom character style/page style presets were all preserved.


      Is this a viable solution for extended use? I would have to juggle between these two InDesign versions very often. InDesign CS5/work, CS5.5/home. I didn't want to use my company's code for home use which I know Adobe allows you to and my company is not going to upgrade software for a while. We went from CS2 to CS5.


      I know it would be best if both machines were on the same CS version but I didn't think it would have been a problem before I bought and installed CS5.5.