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    Can PPRO CS5.5 "smart render" without transcoding all?

    zorrocbr Level 1

      Taking an AVCHD file and importing it into Premiere Pro CS5.5, can I edit this and then either export the sequence or link to Encore CS5 (or Encore CS 5.5) with only the changed points (example cuts) transcoded?  So for example a 25 GB AVCHD file with one simple cut only transcodes a second or so (if that) rather than transcoding the entire 25 GB file?   (also taking a couple hours rather than a couple of days to complete the task)


      Same question for standard DVD VOB files.


      I currently use Womble to edit because Premiere Pro 5.0 wants to re-encode VOBs, when editing in womble I can get Encore CS5 (usually) to "Don't Transcode."

      For AVCDH I have to use Corel Video Studio Pro (lots of audio sync issues come up with this) for the same reason as above.