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    Backsaving Indesign File

    ADusa Level 1

      Hi all, I just wanted to as a question before I talk to my client.


      I've been working on a 400 page product catalog for a couple months.  We're now done and my client wants a final disk for their file.  I know they have Indesign on the pc but I'm not sure what version.  I did the file on the mac in CS5.  From some of the other discussions, am I correct in telling them I really don't want to down save this document to a previous version because it could really mess up the layout?  I'm not sure, at this point, if I'm going to be handling the printing or not so I'm very leery about releasing the file in the first place but more leery about downsaving it if the layout is going to be compromised.  I'm very familiar with the file and someone else, just coming in, won't be as familiar with it.  I'll definitely save a pdf for them but not sure about the indesign document.


      Any thoughts would be helpful.