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    What External hard drive do you use that will back up Premiere and Encore files?


      I am trying to purchase an external hard drive to do weekly backup of files from my E (source) and F (render) internal hard drives, and then I keep the external hard drive at another location. My old Maxtor, which is now way too small, had the software so you could simply choose all the files you wanted backed up and I would hook it up, and with one touch, it backed up all the files.  Now, however, the external hard drives don't appear to work like that.  Here's what I have found so far:


      Seagate:  I was told they will only backup off of the C drive.


      Western Digital:  their software looks nice, but it will only backup files whose extensions they recognize.  They have a list that includes most of the typical video files, but none of the project files (.ncor, .prproj, etc.)


      Is anyone using an external hard drive in the way I am describing I want to use it?