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    Can't set the text color of a Spark Button

    nudoru Level 1

      I'm pretty new to Flex and working on a project with a more senior developer - who's out for a few days. I hope this is a simple question!


      I've got a CTA button that I want red with white text. This is how I'm doing it:


      in fx:Style ...

      .startButton {

      fontFamily: "MyriadPro";

          fontSize: 24;

          chromeColor: #e41937;

          color: #ffffff;




      the button ...

      <s:Button styleName="startButton" label="Start" click="currentState=PracticeState'" height="40" width="100"  />


      All of the properties from the style apply except for the color property. Any ideas why it wouldn't? There may be a master style that I'm not aware of, but shouldn't addin the style property here override?