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    Attempt to get media from DV Camcorder crashes every time.


      Dell E6500 Laptop

      Intel Core Duo CPU   P8600 @ 2.40GHZ  2.40GHz

      4GB of RAM (3.45 GB usable)

      Windows 7 Professsional SP1 32bit

      Travelstar 7K500 7200rpm SATA II Main Drive


      The following error occurs every single time I try to load a movie off of my DV Camera via USB.  Windows Movie stuff workes fine.  Other software can access it fine.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?


      Premiere Elements 9.0, Ninja

      Open a new project.  Settings NTSC-DV-Widescreen 48kHz

      DV Cam is connected and powered on and connected via USB 2.0

      Choose Get Media

      Choose DV Camcorder

      New window opens the a dialog opens with the name "Premiere Elements Debug Event"

      Contains the text:

      Premiere Elements has encountered an error.


      with the only option available continue

      Dialog goes away, new dialog displays:

      Premiere Elements

      Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Elements to shut down.  We will attempt to save your current project.

      Click o.k. and then the windows message that Adobe Premiere Elements 9 has stopped working with the option to Debug or Close program.