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    Unable to start FB 4.5


      Have searched forums and cannot find solution to this.

      When I try and start fb4.5 I get this alert : "The Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 executable launcher was unable to locate its
      companion shared library"

      I'm using mac osx 10.6.8 with web premium 5.5

      Do I need to do a reinstall?

      Any help much appreciated.

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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

          This can happen because of two reasons:


          1. FlashBuilder.ini was edited and there the path to the launcher library is wrong. (Be wary of stray newlines in FlashBuilder.ini)


          2. A .so file sitting in /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.app/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.xxxxxxx seems to be missing. In that case, re-install is the best way.



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            zookcx Level 1

            Many thanks for your help.

            An uninstall/reinstall fixed things.

            Get this message when try software update ' Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.'

            But at least its working