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    Getting files from camcorder to PE

    Trainman 48

      Hello all. I am new to this list. Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, but it seems like everyone knows the answer but me. :-(


      The Organizer seems to be a separate but useful program, for tagging and cataloging media. Here's my question:

      Which is the preferred way to get the footage off my camera and onto my PC:

      Import it from the camera into the Organizer OR

      Import it directly into a Project?


      If I use the first option, then when I go to start a project, I will have to use the Get Media function to pull the files from wherever the Organizer has put them on my hard drive. Where do I look for them?

      Conversely, if I use the second option, and pull them directly into a project, then were does PE put the files, so I can pull them into the organizer for tagging?

      Thanks, and sorry to be asking such a basic question, but I havent seen this spelled out anywhere.


      Trainman 48

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >footage off my camera and onto my PC


          How about a camera brand and model?


          Tape camera or memory card or hard drive or ???


          For a tape camera you use a Firewire cable


          For all others connect with USB and use Windows Explorer (are you on Windows?) to copy the entire folder from the camera to your video hard drive, then import the files from that location on your hard drive


          You do, of course, have at least TWO hard drives?  Boot drive for OS and all programs and a separate drive (never a partition!) for video files

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            nealeh Level 5

            Personally I always import to the Organizer from the camera. In your project, in the 'Media' view of the Organize tab, you should be able to see all the media in the Organizer.




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              I will throw in my two cents worth as well.


              When I am working with DV or D8mm tapes I have cameras that have a firewire connecton on them and I import those using the Get Media tab in the Organizer.  If I am using an older format like VHS or VHS-C I have to usually put those in a VHS to DVD recorder I have, burn them over to DVD and then import the DVD in the same fashion using the organizer.


              If your are using a DVD recorder camera, you may be also to simply put the DVD in your DVD drive on your computer and import in from there, or, in some cases) you may have to use the firewire since some DVD cameras use their own software and you can only import the DVD using the camera it was recorded in.


              if it is a camera that uses an internal memory or an SD card, like someone said eariler, hooking the camera up with a USB cable is the best way to import the files.


              I work with videos for a living and I have done all of the above formats.  I have even used PE to transfer old 8mm and 16mm files to DVD, using a special film to firewire adaptor of course.


              Hope I helped.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You definitely wanto to use Premiere Elements' Get Media tool to get the video off your camcorder.


                But, as John indicates, which Get Media tool you use depends on what model and make of camcorder your using.