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    Need Help!!


      I have purchase this template http://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates/30069.html for a friend of mine and thought I would be able to edit it with my html software but as we all know that was not the case or I would not be here. I have download Adobe Web Premium CS5.5 I am using Flash Preium for the first time and have been able to change everthing except add more picture to the ones playing behind the camper for anyone who would like to help here is the fla file store.welcomegrove.witnesstoday.org/header_v8.fla if you could just tell me how to add more pictures or add about 35 to 40 pictures on there and I can change them because I figured out how to change the pictures just not add them any help would be greatly apprecated by me and my friends that paided for the website

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing to do is to go open up obj5 in the library for editing and add the images to the frames in the order you want them to display.


          Then, open up obj1 of the library for editing and on frame 181 change the 4 in the line of code bolded below to be one greater than the number of pictures you have to display...


          if (_root.pic == 4) {
          _root.pic = 1;


          I don't know if that takes care of everything as I was only looking at the image end of things.

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            wgbc_nrc_123456 Level 1

            yes that was what I was looking for thank you so much

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              wgbc_nrc_123456 Level 1

              Can anyone help me with the same file changing the links for the navigation bar I have changed them in Obj_36copy but it didn't work am I suposed to change it somewhere else any help is apprecated