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    The swatches that just won't go away

    bilglas Level 1

      Using CS5.0 on Windows 7. I have a document for which I created two CMYK swatches ... the ONLY colors used in the entire document were these two colors. No black ... just these two colors. Now, I have to make an equivalent version of the document that's black and white only ... that is, changing everything that was either of those other two colors to black.


      I've done that, but when I try to delete either of those two swatches, it asks me which color I want to replace it with, which tells me that there is STILL some instance of these two colors SOMEWHERE in the document. I've considered everything imaginable. It isn't in the fill or stroke of any text ... not in the fill or stroke of any object. There are no Object Styles set up, no Paragraph Styles, no Character Styles. There are no LINKED objects that might be causing this! The gradient in the Gradient Panel is just black and white.


      But from the Swatch Panel, if I try "Delete Unused" ... those two colors stay put. So the question is: Is it possible for there to be NO instance of a given color in a document, but InDesign is "confused" into thinking that there IS? Or, could those two colors be hiding somewhere that I haven't thought of? (I've also tried SAVE AS, closed InDesign, restarted, reopened ... no effect.)


      Not surprisingly, it's Friday night, and I need to resolve this insanity by Monday morning. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated!


      (One last thing: I'm aware that one reasonable answer is, "It won't make any difference! Who cares?" I'm aware of that ... but it's driving me crazy, so THAT'S why.)

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          The easiest way to test for these colours is to make them spot colours then use the Separation Preview panel to show each colour only. Anything you see must be using that colour. If all pages are blank for each colour, then you’re clear. If you’re still not convinces you can print separations to either you printer or a PostScript file which you can then distill in Acrobat Distiller then scan the PDF.


          Some places where the swatches might still be used are paragraph, character, or object styles. You may have changed the colour directly on a styles object or styled text rather than updating the style. Perhaps you did properly redefine all your used styles but missed some unused styles.


          One trick to remove stubborn swatches is to export an IDML then open that file. The swatches will still be there, but you might be able to delete them without the trouble.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Or just go ahead and delete them and repalace with Black. Isn't that what you were trying to do in the first place? ID migh be confused, or there really might be some hidden object on a pasteboard someplace or it might be a style (but you don't have any) or just one of those things. If there's no hidden useage, no harm done. If there is, you want it black anyway, right?

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              bilglas Level 1

              Thanks, Scott ... for reading my whole question, AND for the answer.