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    Is there a way to change a Download order to a Shipped Box?


      The site keeps telling me it is "temporarily down" when I try to download my Master Suite CS 5.5 purchase.


      I knew it was mistake to choose download instead of a shipment. If I can't download my purchase come Monday can I switch to a shipped box?


      How long does the download site typically stay "temporarily down"? Does it stay up long enough to actually download the whole suite? I'm not very impressed with Adobe's web site so far, so I have pretty low expectations


      The only method of contacting anyone pertaining to this problem is a sales phone number that says, "Sorry., we are closed until monday" and hangs up. How about some voice mail or something Adobe?


      The Contact Support links just lead me through a maze of unhelpful "articles" that don't pertain to my problem. Is there an email address? This forum was the only thing I could find...