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    CS 5.5 problem with PDF links of master page TOC



      Lately i moved from ID CS5 to CS5.5 working on Windows 7.

      All spreads of my document are based on a master page. This mater page includes a pane with a TOC. This TOC serves as navigation pane.

      When exporting the document to interactive PDF, the TOC appears on all spreads but the TOC links function well on the first spread and will not function on the next pages.

      The interactive PDF export settings include: "open in full screen mode" and "buttons and Media = include all".

      I made a test, and added hyperlink on the master page next to the TOC, now the TOC links turnned active on all pages but the PDF will not open in full screen although i did not change the export settings. If i remove this extra hyperlink the TOC links problem returns.


      I used the same document a lot in the past (with CS5) and did not have any such problem.


      Hope i managed to describe this case well.


      Highly appreciate your help.