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    Audio Import control



      I have a problem with the audio I import from a SanDisk CF(440x)  card captured on a Sony Z5 and MRC1 unit.

      DV AVI and use Sony RU-util to stitch and import direct from CS5.


      16bit audio is used.

      My system is Win 7 64bit / I7 / 6GB Ram running CS5 (Latest update) Premiere Pro.

      I have a Sony Z5 amd MRC1K unit. (Brand new)


      My problem is that on high volume footage, such as a disco (camera set to auto) I am getting a lot of pops and crackles.

      Playing the footage back from the file not through PP and the sound is perfect, also plays fine in Pinnacle and Windows Movie maker.

      I have concluded from this that PP does something to the audio to create these crackles and Pops at higher volume areas. It's not distorted as if you set the volume manually and set it to high. It is high pitched crackles, noticeable on play back and on export.


      Is there any way to correct this on PP?

      Adjusting gain etc has not helped, it is when importing into PP CS5 or CS4 that the issue presents itself, as I say it is fine on the raw file and as i used a DV back up on this occasion, that played fine too....


      Thanks in advance