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    From FCP7 to PPro 5.5 - graphics card

    jules______ Level 1



      I have been playing with the trial and I have noticed that when I have clips on two tracks, both with reduced size so I can see them then after about 10 secs of playing they stop showing moving picture eventhough the timeline is still being progressed along.


      Given what I've heard about the Mercury thing I am assuming I either haven't done something to make it work or my set up is flawed.


      I looked at some info on specs and my graphics card wasn't listed (which is a bugger). I have a GeForce GT120.


      Am I correct in assuming


      a) that this card won't work and unless I get a new card I have to render everything out to watch it (as pertains to the above example)?


      b) that with a new card I could (as is my need) have 6 video tracks with clips on, all reduced to 35% size and watch all 6 at once and cut as i go along (my take on multiscreen editing, and i'm not changing my method )



      And if I do need a new card, can one be recommended that isn't going to cost much but will deliver decent results as the transfer from FCP7 is already going to cost around £600 for the CS4 to 5.5 Production Suite upgrade.