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    Help making a video!


      hey guys,

                     Pretty new to after effects, so bear with my noobness. I want to make a video of me shooting myself. So i know i need to take the video twice, once as myself messing up my room and the second of myself again...finding myself messing up my room, so i pull out my gun and shoot myself! Idea's not that great, just wanted to see if i can make it. So my question is:


      How do i add myself two times on one video?


      ok, im pretty lost with the idea, do i have to mask myself out on the first video and bring it to the second video...or use some other software to track myself...i don't know guys, i'm totally lost. I tried to find the tutorial but failed. So it would be great if someone gave me a link to a tutorial(video or written) or just tell me what to do in a reply. Any help will be highly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          This is relatively simple compositing, as long as you shoot both shots completely locked off so that there is no camera movement (or change in lighting) and you're careful to not let the character in shot B cross over the areas of the shot that change in shot A.


          You just overlay one shot on top of the other and use masks on the top layer to determine what parts of the underlying layer to show through.


          Compositing features are outlined here.


          OK, now that I've answered your question, I need to give you some very strong advice:

          Don't just jump into the middle and try to use After Effects. Start at the beginning and work your way through the basic learning materials. Seriously. If you don't, you're going to be frustrated. If you do start at the beginning and learn the simple things first, then you'll be able to figure out answers to questions like the one you just asked without anyone's help.

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            Chandradeep.p.c Level 1

            Actually, I already did learn the basics, but not from the official adobe manual, i did it from the basic traning series on videocopilot.net by andrew kramer. Anyway, thanks a lot man for the info.