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    Can I buy in US and activate in India?


      I'm visiting US for a day, can I buy online Adobe Web Premium version for $1800 and activate and use in India? Will it be fully legal?


      There is no online payment in India here, and all resellers want 100% advance payment from me and that they'd deliver in 2 weeks, and there is no guarantee that they'd ever deliver. If that happens, I know Adobe will not take responsibility.

      I've even called Adobe customer care two times and both time I've got different response.


      Any Adobe employee there to help me?

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          Dhawal Jaiswal Level 1

          No you can't purchase it in USA and use it here in India.


          I know problems with resellers here in India, I myself facing these issues here and no adobe isn't taking any kind of responsibility about these resellers and insted giving them awards for being partner. I contacted softcell, Ingram, Redigton and many more , NON of them were interested in even talking more, some says they don't resell and some stop reciving my phone calls and don't even reply my mail. The reseller from whom I purchased first flex builder, design premium then upgraded to master collection, shipped me these products after 40+ days from the day I made payment. Not only that from last 14 days I am trying to contact these reseller in order to upgrade my mc cs5 to cs5.5 they are just passing on from one to another person and in the end saying they aren't interested. Whenever I call adobe customer service number from India (first of all there timing isn't suitable for India) I get reply that you need to contact reseller we can't do anything.


          I guess Indian's aren't even consider as buyer for adobe.