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    Selecting multiple fields?


      How do I copy and past multiple fields or, better yet, whole pages at once? Thanks.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee
          • Hold down the CTRL key and select each field you want to copy (click anywhere on the field to select it)
          • Hit CTRL-C
          • Select the field right before where you want to paste the fields
          • Hit CTRL-V


          You can also use the SHIFT key to select a consecutive set of fields - just hold the SHIFT key, click the first field you want to copy and then click on the last field you want to copy (all of the fields in between will be selected).


          You can also use CTRL-A to select all of fields in the form.


          Just so you know you can also copy and paste fields between different forms, not just within the same form.


          This is very similar to how you can select files on Windows.


          Hope this helps