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    Help: PDFs don't match InDesign CS3 layout?

    Josef Klus

      When I export my CS3 InDesign document to Acrobat as a PDF, there is one place where it changes the layout.


      I have reverse type (white) captions, with a .1 stroke on the type, superimposed over dark/black photographs. After export, the white type now appears bold and plugs up the letters a bit, messy--totally unlike the type design I see in InDesign before the export.


      Does anyone know why or a solution? I don't want the printer to use the PDFs with bold-appearing captions.


      But, not knowing trapping and knock-out functions too well (novice), I'm also afraid the black ink when printing will bleed into the small white type. (Sometimes 9, sometimes 6, point--bad design decision, I guess...)


      Thanks for your help,


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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use the Stroke Panel to align the stroke to center, inside or outside.


          You say you used a stroke of .1, but .1 what, points, mm, inches?


          Have you used any transparencies on your page, or anything at all from the Effects Panel? Even if it's on the pasteboard.


          You should delete irrelevant information from the pasteboard.



          Also make sure the text with the captions is on a layer ABOVE all the others, where possible. Especially on a layer above any items using Effects.


          See if that helps