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    V210 and RGB DPX both "yellow bar" in Desktop mode




      I'm trying to cut some uncompressed 1080p25 10-bit material in "desktop" mode, and I've set up a sequence to suit.


      When I import V210 AVIs or RGB DPX (as produced by Premiere), they're both marked with a yellow bar on the timeline.


      This is counterintuitive: they're uncompressed, so they're not hard to read and display (the legendary slowness of the Premiere DPX reader notwithstanding).


      I've found that uncompressed 8-bit RGB stuff is considered native, and not yellow-barred.


      What do I have to do to get 10-bit material into Premiere in a way that's editable without rendering issues on a desktop-mode timeline? What formats are considered native on what sort of timelines?