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    Problem with navigation script

      Hi I'm having trouble getting a button work correctly when pressed it should take user to a particular label on the main scene. Is there a problem with my script? The button is inside a movie clip which is inside another movie clip. Thanks in advance.
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          Hi, I test your code its work good. Can you especified more closed your problem?
          Did you put a "stop()" on the fotograma that contained the button and other "stop()" on the fotograma called "home"?
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            Stefan_Lesik Level 1
            this quite difficult to explain but here goes. i have a complex button with a roll in roll out effect. ie. a movie clip acting as a button that shows different buttons (in another movie clip) when it is rolled over. I then want the different buttons to go to other parts in the main timeline. the code works fine when the buttons are on the main timeline but because it is within another two movie clips it doesnt work like it should. In fact the script i have used in the first movie clip also affects the button. This script is as follows and belongs in the first frame of the first movie clip. In other words, I need the button not to be effected by the following script but by the gotoAndPlay script. Thanks
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              mansonet Level 1
              Hi. If i understand well, i think you wanna a MC that holder diferents buttons witch will be show when a mouse is over the MC.
              Now if you put an action for the MC that holder the buttons, the events for the buttons never will run. So you have to get the event onMouseMove and verify if the mouse is over the MC and then make your action. I let you a sample script. I hope you understand my English is not good enought.
              In the Sample Script "holder" is the Mc that holder the buttons.
              Good Luck!
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                Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
                you wouldn't need to use eventHandler, it would be easier to use rollOver. I think it would be best to put all the button functions into onEnterFrame.