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    Creating graphics within a scrolling section


      I have on one of my view a lot of text so I have created it so to scroll see below, (if wrong plese let me know):


      <s:Scroller left="20" right="20" top="20" bottom="0">

           <s:RichEditableText percentWidth="100" percentHeight="100" editable="false" selectable="false">

                <s:p>My text goes here</s:p>




      Now with in this text would live to place some graphics like boxes with text inside as I want to create a diagram etc, but if i place my rectangle code (see below) with in the 'RichEditableText' section all goes well until till I click on a link to goto this view and nothing happens and it freezes up


      <s:Rect width="135" height="71" radiusX="10">


      <s:SolidColor color="#ff990" />




      Does any one know how I can add the graphics etc with in there to work an scroll with the text, or am i using the wrong scroll method etc.

      Many Thanks