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    Please HELP...need to populate fields from data connection...


      I am new to livecycle and don't know alot about scripting...I want to fill in one field and have 4 others pull the correct data from my data

      connection. I have an xml table that is 5 columns wide and 1000+rows deep, (so too much data for list boxes). The data view looks like

      this:               -DataConnection

                               -(Ordered Group)


                                         -(Ordered Group)






      When I pull the bottom (Ordered Group) from the Data View, I get a subform with the 5 named fields on it. When I preview it the first

      record in the list is pulled into the fields. If I change Job, the other fields don't change (pull the correct data from the appropriate Row).

      I've searched the forums, and tried several scripts but have not been able to make this do what I want it to do.

      I would really appreciate any help,

      Thank You,