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    I need to re-install PS CS5.5

    Peter iNova

      I was a beta tester. Adobe gave me a copy of CS 5.5 at the end of the Beta trials.


      Now something is wrong inside PS Extended CS 5.5 that prevents it from successfully printing with a Samsung CLP-325W color laser printer.

      So I think I need to re-install PS from the internet. (or other suggestions) This, under the assumption that something inside has gone bad.


      Recent hardware installation: New graphics card. ATI 5770.


      Other programs print fine from the same computer. Previous versions of PS print fine. Preview prints fine. Photoshop CS 5.5 starts the printer up, but the sequence doesn't execute entirely and a blank page comes out.


      I've zapped the PRAM, repaired disk permissions, re-installed the printer drivers—nothing gets me back to where I was last week when all was printing fine.


      So how do I keep all my Actions and internal settings intact while re-installing PS over the net?


      MacPro. 8 cores. 6GB RAM.