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    PE9 Freezing up


      I recently upgraded from PE7 and things had been looking good until I reached about 1 min of total video (with effects on several clips). PE9 stops responding when I attempt to do pretty much anything -- I think my computer is overwhelmed. It has:

      4 GB RAM

      Intel 2.67 Core i7 920 processor

      2 internal hard drives: a WD Raptor 150 for the OS (Windows XP) and programs, a Hitachi 750GB, 7200 RPM drive for all data files (video, stills, etc.)

      1 external drive (USB), a WD 7200 RPM, 320GB, used for previews, encoding, media cache.

      BTW, I render all the clips for previews before I do any more work -- but it still crashes.


      As a workaround, I'm thinking of creating a new project for every 30 seconds or so of video and then merge them when the video is finished. Have others tried this? Any hints on how to put them together as seamlessly as possible?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would start with this ARTICLE, and work though the tips at the beginning. As you read down, there are some tips on tuning up one's computer and their OS. At the end are some tips on troubleshooting.


          If things do not sort out, then I'd ask that you post more info on your Assets, your Project and what you are doing, when the program crashes, This ARTICLE will give you more background, and some tips on gathering the info.


          Good luck, and please report your success,