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    Can not burn a DVD from Photoshop 7


      I have tried for hours to burn a DVD after makeing a slide show.  I was able to get 1 dvd to work so I know it is possible, but have no clue why 1 worked and a dozen or so did not.  I always get a check disk error or something like that.  It will burn it to a disk, but nothing will show up once I insert it in a dvd player.  I use RW + and tried RW -.  Anybody have any suggestions.



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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Do you mean photoshop elements 7? You can't burn a video dvd in PSE, any version. Output your slideshow as a wmv file and use whatever burning software you have to finalize the video dvd. If you have a disc burner, you have some kind of software that will do this.


          The only kind of video disc you can burn in PSE without also having Premiere Elements would be a video CD. PSE only burns data dvds, not video dvds.