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    automate the insertion of footnotes


      Dear Indesign Scripters

      I am working with a digital copy of the Bible. Each book is a separate document. Each book is divided into chapters and verses. There are thousands of verses (which are superscripted in the text). I need to have a footnote for every verse. I have been manually adding footnotes but there HAS to be a way to tell Indesign to add footnotes automatically(at each verse I have been saying - insert footnote - then later I would return and fill it in with text after I inserted all the footnotes.).


      I thought because the only thing consistent with each verse are the verse numbers that the footnote reference could be attached to the verse number. If I could GREP it (which you can't) I would say this: [NOTE ~F means footnote reference point which you can "Find" but not add in the "change" part.


      FIND WHAT: (\d+)

           Format - Superscript


      CHANGE TO: $1~F
           Format - Superscript