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    Experiences of content providers..

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      We're pretty new to this but we seem to be moving along thanks to the support of the forum. Most companies we have visited want to know what is needed on their side and many prefer to experiance the content  first rather than look at the receiving side such as Lms , scorm etc and have requested an email report. This had its own headaches but we have settled on isolated PCs in a training environment and .exe files. We're still trying the pdf route but the fact that these machines cannot access internet  means that (correct me if I am wrong) we cannot change the flash security settings.


      All in all Captivate seems to be great for the content provider but we are not IT specialists and are wondering whether Captivate can work for the smaller business environment (not using MS Extra) without scorm servers.


      Do any other content providers have similar issues and if so were you able to workaround this kind of scenario?

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          You should still be able to change Flash security settings without internet access.


          Find a Captivate SWF file anywhere on the PC.  Double click it to launch the file.  Then when you have it open, right click on the playing screen and select Flash Global Settings from the context menu.


          Find the Advanced tab in the Flash Player Settings Manager and click the  Trusted Location Settings button.



          Add the folder or drive location where the published content will be located.