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    Is Flash SEO compatible?


      I wonder to what extend google can index informations given on Flash websites and Flash elements....can anybody give me details?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Here's a link to something that might be helpful to you.



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            relaxatraja Level 5

            Still you can use SEO for flash, but its not effective like our html websites. Anyway follow the link to know more about and how to use SEO for flash:





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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Remember, there is no such thing as a "Flash" Web site, only HTML, PHP, ASP etc sites that happen to have some Flash content. So take advantage of that fact, don't dismiss it. Use it to your advantage and combine Flash and actual HTML text content for best SEO results... you can have the best of both worlds!

              And here's my two cents worth:

              If you think that Flash is somehow bad for SEO, it's time to dispell that MYTH!
              If fact, in some circumstances I'll use Flash INSTEAD of just HTML because then I'll have better SEO than with just HTML alone.


              The link to World Barefoot Center in the above post is just one example. View the source code and you see a couple paragraphs of text along with regular HTML links.... but what displays is the Flash version of the image and Flash links.
              The client provided the artwork for the page... and that's what they wanted to use a .jpg image. Well yes, that could be done in HTML but it would be virtually invisible to Google. So Instead I converted the image into a Flash .swf and used swfobject to display the Flash. swfobject allows you to create alternate content inside the <div> which also holds the Flash .swf, then when the page is loaded it detects if the browser has the Flash pluggin. If it does, it displays just the Flash content, if not, it displays the alternate content. Since almost everyone has the Flash pluggin, for most people the Flash version of the <div> will display.
              The alternate content for that <div> can be any regular HTML text, images, media player, links, etc., anything that you would use if you were not using the Flash. Now the best part is that the alternate content can be "over the top" as far as optimizing for SEO, since it will not be seen by most viewers.
              Here's another example of SEO with Flash.. again, the page is just a single image provided by the client:
              View the source code. The alt content is paragraph after paragraph of information about the site, including lists and links. If it was just the HTML, it might be kind of a boring Home page. But for SEO I can go "over the top" in promoting the site, since most viewers will never see that part... but it's all indexed by search engines. The end result is BETTER SEO using Flash than just HTML.
              On another Web site, a Flash video is displayed, the alt content is the complete text narration of the video. Now how many people would take the time to read that if they could just watch the video instead?? again, better SEO with Flash than without. In fact in one case we had first page search result from that video narration within 4 hours of posting the page.
              On still another site with a Flash video, the alt content is another video, but a .mov version, which will, in effect play Flash video on the iPhone (not possible you say??). Well since the iPhone does not have Flash pluggin, it simply displays the .mov version of the video, while everyione else sees the Flash version.
              So anyway, if Flash is a part of your Web development, you should look into using swfobject and alternate content.
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              Eye for Video



              Best wishes,


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                Try to combine Flash with HTML and you will got a site like you want and Google like. Google have promise in the future it will be able to search in flash site but it's remain just a promises!

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                  Darshan Rane Level 3

                  Completely AGREE with adninjastrator

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                    seoweb22 Level 1

                    Yes, you can use falsh for dimaniscs you site, and html for seo!

                    It this way we gonna have both!


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                      I guess... it's all about what you want to achieve. I work at a website campaigning company in the Netherlands and our primary goal on the website is sales, not to dazzle people. Off course flash can be used to get the attention of your customers but in general we want visitors to follow a certain route through our websites, as fast as possible. Most of the times we choose not to use flash because it slows people down.





                      As far as SEO is concerned, if we do consider we flash, we make sure the goal is to capture a visitor once it is on the website, not to get it to the website. Website optimization is done in HTML and flash is an incorporated element, not a leading element for SEO. Off course you can also do a lot about SEO that does not concern your website at all (link building, news generation, etc).  So use flash or not for SEO? For SEO we don't, but for sales you might!