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    ComboBox over Movieclip

    mansonet Level 1
      I'm using a ComboBox that pulls down over a MovieClip which has functions for the onMouseDown and onMouseMove events assigned to them. Also, the function onMouseDown and onMouseMove is because i draw a fill rectangle in a MC called canvas_mc. Its a example that appears on "onMouseDown" help on flash 8. The code on the end.

      The problem I am having is when a dropdown event occurs the list drop of a combobox is over a MC "canvas_mc" and when i select a item of the combobox, the events onMouseDown occours, well i try to put the combobox on a MC and then with hitTest function know if the combobox is over the "canvas_mc" movieclip but doesn't work.

      Any idea???
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          TimSymons Level 1
          Try adding this to the onMouseDown listener function.

          mouseListener.onMouseDown = function() {
          if (canvas_mc.hitTest(_xmouse, _ymouse)) {
          this.isDrawing = true;
          this.orig_x = _xmouse;
          this.orig_y = _ymouse;
          this.target_mc = canvas_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("",

          This will still execute when the mouse is down but the drawing will only start if the mouse is down over the canvas_mc movieClip.