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    Exporting Media w/ CS5


      I have been using CS5 w/ the accelerated video card - ediing in HD and all works very well.  I'm used to exporting in CS3, which was relatively painless.  Now w/ CS5 I am exporting (doesn't seem to matter it's to MPEG-2, 4, or WMV) and it seems to be taking a tremendously long(er) period of time..my video is 05:12:19 and I'm up to 20+ mins to export.  W/ CS5 I seem to recall that could have been finished in a few mins.  I'm noticing that some parts export faster than others..it is HD video (some treated w/ Magic Bullet Looks) and photos (that I resized to a smaller size/weight in photoshop).


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.